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Our Ethos

'Meeting Needs & Providing Opportunities'

In the absence of opportunities, lies the best of potential. Let's not lose our young generation to gangs, crime, prison, drugs, depression, mental health or idleness. Let's experience the full satisfaction it brings when we "reach one teach one".

At The ARC Academy, Meeting Needs & Providing Opportunities is at the heart of our vision and values.

  • We aim to provide equality and equity for all students that we work with.

  • The students have already faced challenges, difficulties and failure in mainstream education, therefore, it is vital that we utilise our resources to enable students to make both academic and social emotional progress.

  • We aim to be both a place of safety: a home for students and an environment where students are able to learn effectively in order to be empowered to be able to make better life choices and enjoy success in the future.

Our mission statement for the ARC Academy is 'Meeting Needs & Providing Opportunities'.


We achieve our mission by:

  • Accurately assessing current learning abilities.

  • Identifying an individual learning plan, for each student.

  • Securing re-integration, back into mainstream, when possible.

  • Offering post 16 opportunities.

  • Supporting our students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs


Our Story

The ARC was built with youth specifically in mind. After looking at the many youths, including myself at 14 years old, that fell through cracks of the education system, we needed a place for them to be caught, restored and given the chance to progress. 

7 years on, the ARC Academy has worked with various students and institutions across many boroughs in London with the sole aim, to meet the needs of the student and to provide positive/alternative options/pathways for them to move forward.

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