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About Us

Gangs Unite CIC is a youth advocacy and anti-violence community based organisation, in Waltham Forest, East London.

We reach and connect young people with the care and services they need right where they are, raising awareness surrounding the dangers of youth violence and the negative impact it has on the community, whilst providing positive avenues for change and rehabilitation in a family-like safe environment. 

In a nutshell; we meet needs and provide opportunities. 

In the absence of opportunities, lies the best of potential. Lets not lose our young generation to gangs, crime, prisons, drugs, depression, mental health or idleness. Lets experience the full satisfaction it brings when we "Reach one teach one".

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Meet The Founder

Colin James has been involved in community and youth work for over 15 years in Waltham Forest.

He has a unique expertise which consists of a wealth of experience, awareness and understanding of gangs; and their influence on youth culture, youth violence and the impact it has on families and communities. 

It is his vision to reach and teach as many young people as possible providing them with the right information, support and protection that they need. Colin's active role in the 2011 riots in London and his extensive work in the community has taught him that you cannot just arrest your way out of this problem, you have to use alternative methods. Many of these young people need redirecting, educating and the opportunity to live a life free of fear; filled with possibilities.

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"Everyone has needs, all different and varying, yet all have needs. All need opportunity,
yet many are denied any".

Colin James (Gangs Unite CIC, Founder)

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