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Our Aim

'Reach One. Teach One.'


We, The Arc, aim to improve the manner in which young people, in particular, those in or at risk of joining gangs and those on the brink of educational failure are perceived, defined and educated in the expectation that they will be provided with the correct range of care and support they need in order to go through the process of rehabilitation

We believe that learning should be challenging, purposeful and fun. Through our effective curriculum and methodology, we aim to equip each student with the skills they need for lifelong learning and development.

We aim to develop confident and positive young people, who take ownership of their actions, behaviour and learning which will prepare them for life.We believe that every child matters, no matter the circumstance. Through positive attitudes and partnerships which centre around, effective communication, empathy, and respect we endeavour to develop the whole child, meeting individual needs in a safe and secure “family like” environment where differences are celebrated and encouraged allowing their minds to be open to new ideas and experiences. We believe that all members of the ARC Academy should work together to maintain a safe, clean, enriching and stimulating environment for our students and staff.


The ARC (AEP) is to ensure the continued education of children and young people in KS1, 2, 3 and 4, reaching pupils whom, because of exclusion, illness or other repetitive reasons, would not otherwise receive suitable education.


We will continue to support education arranged by schools and institutions for pupils on a fixed period exclusion; and pupils who are directed by schools to off-site provision to improve their behaviour in a supportive and nurturing educational environment. In addition to supporting education, the ARC will provide support for our pupils to address and challenge any social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which affect their development, helping them develop and maintain an emotional resilience.


We have developed access to a range of behaviour support, counselling and beneficial interventions to address these difficulties along with our successful M.E.N.D program which has recently been used on The Mayor of London’s Stepping Stones initiative in 2016.

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