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Provision Outline

In the majority, students at the ARC Academy are being prepared for their return to school. However, if the student is 'high risk' and prone to antisocial behaviour/gang involvement then they are here for an intervention and redirection to a more positive pathway.

Our Curriculum 


Daily intervention: M.E.N.D (Mentoring, Educating, Nurturing & Development).

Our M.E.N.D Program consists of a combination of 1-1 mentoring sessions, which include Social & Emotional Learning and Behavioural Development; group interactive learning and visual learning, using a range of activities that encourage:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creative Thinking

  • Decision Making

  • Problem Solving

  • Effective Communication

  • Taking Responsibility

Pastoral Care alongside life skills and personal growth. We also encourage recreational stimuli through a sport or physical activity to promote good health and wellbeing. Additionally we have on-site facilities should the learner shows interest which can be found below.

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Our tutors are able to plan and deliver sessions which are appropriate to each individual child. Work and resources are often-times provided by school, but are also provided by our tutors. Our aims are always to ensure each pupil is receiving an education that meets the highest of standards and helps each pupil reach their potential. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to every referral we receive. We also ensure a risk assessment is in place for each child we serve.

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Behavioural Support, Counselling
& Mentoring Interventions

We will provide additional support interventions to help pupils address any social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

This can either be delivered by The ARC Academy team or commissioned externally. These support interventions may take many forms, depending on the needs and approach which bests suit the pupil. This may include a range of interventions such as; talking, group work, counselling, recreational stimuli, family support, mentoring or coaching.



Our Students are able to participate in a variety of activities while with us at the ARC Academy. We offer a wide range of activities all conducive to learning such as:

  • Knife Crime Workshops (In-house)

  • Drugs, Alcohol, smoking workshops (In-house)

  • Gang Awareness (In-house)


  • Lego Building

  • Puzzle Making

  • Ludo Board Making

  • Tiling

  • Music Recording

  • Cooking

  • Apparel Designing/Printing

  • Arts/Craft


  • Boxing

  • Football

  • Table Tennis

  • Miniture Golf/Crazy Golf

  • Fishing

  • Go Karting

  • Visits to Museum

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