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The ARC Academy
esources & Policies

The ARC Academy is successful in part because it is bound to a code of ethics and policies stemming from that code which are designed to maintain students' focus on the character they need to be successful.

Terms & Conditions

We at The ARC Academy are a family. We take a lot of pride in our premises. A lot of love, thought, time and hard work was put into making it what you see today. The ARC was created in excellence for you, so all we ask you is for your cooperation and that you treat this place, as you would your home.

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All students must adhere and sign to the terms and conditions of the ARC when successfully enrolling.


The ARC Academy Safeguarding Policy

The ARC Academy Health & Safety Policy

The ARC Academy Client Referral Form

Term Dates/Calendar

The ARC Academy Booklet

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